Hatice Özcan I was born in 1995 in Istanbul. I completed my primary school in İsmetpaşa Primary School and studied high school in Turgut Reis Vocational and Anatolian High School. After graduating from high school, I have Patient Registration Acceptance from the İsmek course, Diction from Haliç University and Emergency and First Aid certificates from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. I started to study Radiotherapy at Istanbul Gelişim University in 2018. I attended many seminars during my university years. Persuasion/Brand, Learn First Aid Save Life, Stress Management and Career Planning, The Role of Stem Cells in Diabetes Treatment, Breast Cancer Awareness and Patient Safety seminars. Finally, I completed my internship at Haseki Training and Research Hospital and graduated in 2020 and worked as an Assistant Technician in the field of radiology at Colormed Imaging Center.