Rabia SARI

I was born in Arnavutköy district of Istanbul. I finished primary and secondary school in Bağcılar. I graduated from Otocenter Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Department of Web Programming. I have constantly renewed myself in my student life, my goal was to be the first in the school, I reached my goal in my high school. After graduating from high school, I won the Nişantaşı University Health Vocational School, I graduated from the Department of First and Emergency Aid Technician as the first in the department.

At the same time, I am studying Cookery, Social Work and Medical Documentation and Secretarial Departments. My summer internship in high school was a great chance, I had the opportunity to meet valuable people and improve myself in many areas of health. For example; Laboratory, emergency, consultation, medical imaging, sterilization, dental technics…

After graduating with the knowledge and equipment I gained during my internship, I started administrative work at OSGB with the support of my dear colleagues, teachers and managers at the place where I did my internship. I learned about employment reports, trainings, occupational health and safety. Slowly, I started to give health trainings to companies. I learned to do office programs, scanning, regular planning and adapted myself to the office working system. At the same time, I stayed on emergency calls in order to improve myself in emergency.

After Osgb, you had the opportunity to improve myself even better by working in the emergency and laboratory areas of the clinic. At the same time, I increased my equipment by attending courses both personally and professionally. I started my duty as a Patient Orientation and Welcoming staff in the city hospital and continued at a higher level as a Trainer Staff by taking the exams.

It was a very different environment for me, I learned and applied the management, professional training, what is done in the background in a systematic and planned manner, and at the same time, the trainings offered by the company added a lot to me and it is very valuable for me now and it is both life and profession during my internship. I started to work with my esteemed teacher who contributed a lot to me.