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Until the past years, black filling applications were carried out on the teeth, and this caused a bad appearance, especially in the front teeth. However, today, thanks to aesthetic dental fillings, the process in question can be performed while preserving the natural and aesthetic structure of the teeth.

What is Aesthetic Tooth Filling? Why Is It Applied?

Aesthetic tooth filling is a process that is basically performed to eliminate the losses in dental tissues. In this process, which is performed using a composite filling, the filling to be used is adjusted according to the patient's tooth color, so the teeth have a natural appearance. When deemed necessary, bonding filling materials can be used instead of composites. The purposes of using aesthetic fillings are as follows:

  • Correction of permanent discoloration of the teeth,
  • Repairing broken or missing teeth due to trauma or caries,
  • Realizing a personalized smile design by making shape changes in the teeth,
  • Lengthening the tooth length or closing the gaps between the teeth.

In this way, a personalized smile design is made. As individuals get rid of the bad image, they feel much better and regain their self-confidence.

How is Aesthetic Tooth Filling Applied?

First of all, tissue and tooth samples are taken from the patients and a preliminary study is performed to prepare the filling material suitable for the patient's teeth. The steps followed immediately after are:

  • Local anesthesia is applied,
  • The prepared composite filling is placed in layers in the cavities formed on the tooth,
  • The halogen light-cured filling material is chemically bonded to the tooth,
  • If necessary, polishing is carried out.

While composite filling is ideal for teeth that are not very visible, porcelain filling can be preferred for anterior teeth. Depending on the area where the application will be made and the number of teeth, the application time may take between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

Estetik Diş Dolgusunun Avantajları Nelerdir?

The biggest advantage of aesthetic dental fillings is that they have a much more beautiful and aesthetic appearance, since they will not look different from the color of the teeth.

They are applied to solve not only functional problems, but also aesthetic problems. Other prominent advantages of aesthetic dental fillings are:

  • Someone who looks from the outside cannot understand that there is a filling on the tooth,
  • No allergic reaction occurs in patients,
  • The structure of the teeth is given a natural and aesthetic appearance,
  • It is suitable for patients of all ages as long as there is no disability,
  • There is no sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages,
  • Compatible with oral tissue,
  • It does not cause any problems functionally and is long-lasting.

If the application is performed correctly by an experienced and specialist physician, the aesthetic tooth filling will not fall out even when you consume very hard foods. In the same way, as you show for oral and dental health, the lifetime of aesthetic dental fillings will be between 5 and 10 years.

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