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Braces treatment is a branch of orthodontic dentistry and is used to correct oral and facial anomalies caused by teeth and surrounding tissues. With braces treatment, unhealthy dental problems are eliminated and aesthetic incompatibilities are treated.

Braces treatment, which is applied especially at young ages, is a method frequently preferred by adults today, and it has modern options that do not cause cosmetic discomfort during use.

When to Start Braces Treatment?

Since braces treatment takes 1-3 years on average, it is a treatment that is recommended to be started especially at a young age, but this method has no age limit. In general, the age range of 11-13 is ideal for treatment, when the loss of milk teeth is completed and permanent teeth come out. However, orthodontic treatment is also possible in adults.

Individuals of all ages who want to have a beautiful smile and aesthetic teeth can start braces treatment. Before braces treatment, procedures such as filling, root canal treatment and tooth extraction must be completed.

The type and duration of the treatment differ according to the patient. Because, when necessary, additional regulations or interventions can be applied.

How Is Braces Treatment Performed?

Braces treatment can be preferred by every individual with crooked, crooked or curvature teeth. Although the presence of visible braces in the mouth during the treatment causes aesthetic anxiety, a very pleasant mouth and tooth structure is obtained with the completion of the process. The aim of the braces treatment is to eliminate the problems in the mouth, to ensure the harmony of the lower and upper jaw, to give the person an aesthetic and healthy smile.

Before the treatment, an examination appointment is made and a plan is made on how to solve the problems in the patient. At this stage, one of the materials to be used in braces treatment, such as metal brackets, ceramic brackets and invisible braces, is decided. During the application, brackets with wires are attached to the teeth. The wires on the brackets apply a certain amount of force to the teeth and ensure that such tooth positions come to the desired position over time.

Braces treatment focuses on moving the teeth within the bone, and this movement is completed in a few years. Therefore, in some cases, treatment may progress in stages.

After a while, the person can be fitted with simple tires that can be changed every day. Especially patients who are of adult age and who are visually concerned about the appearance of braces can get a more comfortable treatment with invisible braces applications. Modern treatment methods allow braces treatment to be scheduled with less frequent and shorter appointments.

Considerations in Braces Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is a long-term treatment that requires patience. In this process, it is important to pay attention to dental and braces care, to follow the dentist's recommendations to the letter, to prevent possible complications and to receive a more effective treatment. For this reason, there are some points to be considered during the treatment:

  • It is normal to feel pain for a while after the braces are placed, but if the pain persists, a dentist should be consulted.
  • Especially in the first stages of treatment, hard foods such as apples, pears, chips and nuts should not be consumed.
  • Sticky foods such as Turkish delight, jelly beans, chocolate and gum should not be consumed as they make braces care difficult.
  • Alcoholic and carbonated drinks carry the risk of displacing dental brackets, they are not recommended during treatment.
  • Easily broken down and watery foods that do not damage the wires should be consumed.
  • The mouth area should be protected against hard impacts.
  • Those who do sports and those who exercise outdoors should prefer movements that will prevent the possibility of falling.
  • A soft brush should be used during tooth brushing and brushing movements with pressure should be avoided.

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