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Although zirconium, porcelain and ceramic coatings are frequently used dental coating methods, E-MAX coating has also become very popular in recent years. Teeth covered with E-MAX cannot be distinguished from normal teeth, so a much more natural appearance can be created..

What is E-MAX Dental Veneer?

E-MAX is a porcelain material with increased durability. No metal infrastructure is used in the E-MAX dental veneer method. It is one of the most used methods in cosmetic dental applications due to its high light transmittance and metal-free. E-MAX dental veneer method can be applied in order to give a much more aesthetic appearance to yellowed, crooked, broken or canal treated teeth.

How is E-MAX Dental Veneer Applied?

E-MAX is applied in the same way as many tooth coating methods applied today. After the E-MAX dental veneer application is decided, a precise measurement is taken as the first step. Digital tools can be used during the measurement process.

After the measurements are taken, they are sent to the laboratory and E-MAX dental veneers are prepared in approximately 3 to 5 days.

It is important to rehearse on the patient before the teeth are fixed in order to avoid any problems. After the necessary arrangements are made and the rehearsal is completed, E-MAX dental veneers are fixed.

What are the Advantages of E-MAX Dental Veneers?

E-MAX dental coating provides an extremely aesthetic appearance as it completely removes cosmetic defects on the teeth. Other prominent advantages are:

  • With its realistic and translucent appearance, E-MAX dental veneer cannot be distinguished from natural teeth,
  • Light reflections are no different from natural teeth,
  • There is no metal support under the coating, it is applied to be completely ceramic, so the metal color underneath does not reflect on the teeth,
  • It makes the teeth look much more lively,
  • Thanks to its durable structures, it is resistant to chewing pressure, so it is very unlikely that cases such as breakage or cracking will occur,
  • It helps to preserve the tooth structure.

Thanks to all these advantages, E-MAX dental veneer has become one of the most frequently used veneer methods in recent years. Being durable and adapting to the tooth structure allows them to be used for a long time.

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