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Today, when it comes to dental aesthetics, it is possible to talk about many fast, effective and comfortable applications. One of them is laminate veneer, which is applied to solve the problems such as tooth fractures, discoloration and crooked teeth and to give the face a much more aesthetic appearance.

What is Laminate Veneer?

Laminate veneer, also known as leaf veneer, is also known as nail tooth. During the procedure, a surface varying between 0.3 mm and 0.7 mm is removed from the anterior surface of the tooth and a leaf tooth application is performed in the desired colors and tones according to the patient's request. The leaf tooth, which is prepared very thinly using porcelain material, is adhered to the tooth level.

In Which Situations Is Laminate Veneer Applied?

Laminate veneer application is carried out to eliminate aesthetic problems in anterior teeth rather than functional defects. The list of situations where laminate veneer application is most frequently applied is as follows:

  • Color changes that cannot be removed by teeth whitening,
  • Alternative treatment for misalignment or crooked teeth.
  • Closing the spaces between teeth,
  • Worn tooth restoration,
  • Defects in tooth enamel,
  • Ensuring anterior tooth symmetry,
  • Elimination of filling problems that are in an unhealthy condition or create aesthetic defects,
  • Tooth fractures.

It can be applied in all situations that patients do not like aesthetically, feel uncomfortable and can be removed with laminate veneer.

How is Laminate Veneer Applied?

For the laminate veneer process, first of all, a physician examination and patient demands are essential.

The steps followed after the decision for laminate veneer application are as follows:

  • First, tooth cleaning is performed. During this procedure, a local anesthesia procedure can be performed depending on the patient's condition.
  • Then the tooth surfaces are cleaned and roughened. The degree of roughening may be different depending on the structure of the patient's teeth.
  • After the abrasion process is performed, the measurement of the teeth is taken precisely and the measurement is sent to the laboratory. The preparation time of the teeth is approximately 4 to 6 days. In this process, temporary leaf veneers are attached to the teeth and temporary fillings are made.
  • In the session after the leaf teeth are prepared, a deep cleaning is applied to the patient's teeth.
  • Leaf veneers prepared using a special substance are adhered to the tooth surface.

After all these procedures are completed, all patients have the smile and aesthetic appearance they desire.

What are the Advantages of Laminate Veneer Application?

The prominent advantages of laminate veneer application, which allows individuals to have a much better appearance aesthetically, are as follows:

  • The discoloration of the teeth is removed,
  • Gaps between teeth are closed,
  • Irregularities on the tooth surface are eliminated and tooth lengths become equal,
  • Disproportion between teeth is eliminated,
  • The distortions in the teeth are largely eliminated.

After all these applications, since people have an aesthetic appearance, self-confidence problems disappear and individuals feel better.

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