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Some people may be dissatisfied because of congenital or acquired problems in the oral structure. Missing teeth, stains on teeth or problems in lip folds do not offer a beautiful smile. In such cases, it is possible for people to apply to smile design applications so that they can have the appearance they want.

What is Smile Design? Why is it done?

Smile design is a process that is performed not for the elimination of functional defects, but purely for aesthetic concerns.

The smile design, also called the Hollywood smile, consists of a series of processes applied to eliminate the image that people are uncomfortable with and to create an appearance as they demand.

Situations that will require smile design can be listed as follows:

  • A perplexed appearance in the alignment of the teeth,
  • Worse coloration or staining of the teeth than normal,
  • Recession in the gums,
  • missing teeth,
  • Disproportion between teeth and gums,
  • Gum problems.

All these problems can be easily eliminated in line with the patient's demands thanks to the smile design.

What Does Smile Design Get You?

Smile design can be requested by individuals of almost any age. Of course, the most basic gain is to have a much more beautiful smile. Other prominent advantages of smile design are as follows:

  • Individuals have a much more dynamic and youthful appearance,
  • Both the teeth and the tissues surrounding the teeth become much healthier,
  • Individuals regain their lost self-confidence because they have a more beautiful smile and a more beautiful appearance,
  • Anxieties in social life are eliminated.

Since it is a procedure performed for aesthetic purposes, its cost may be much higher than normal dental treatments. The permanence of the smile design can last between 5 and 15 years, depending on the patient's care.

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