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Teeth grinding sometimes creates an extremely annoying situation for people living together, as well as for people who have this problem. Teeth grinding problem, which may occur due to psychological or tooth and jaw structure-related reasons, can lead to serious problems such as tooth wear or tooth loss.

What are the Causes of Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding is usually caused by teeth, but it can also rarely occur due to neurological causes. In addition to the problems that occur in the teeth, psychological problems are also shown as the causes of teeth grinding. The most common symptoms of teeth grinding are:

  • Having wrong chewing habits,
  • Disorders that occur in the form of closure of the teeth, depending on the lost teeth,
  • Antidepressant drug use
  • Stressful lifestyle, excessive tension, anxiety and similar psychological problems,
  • Filling or prosthetic applications performed lower or higher than normal,
  • Some lifestyle habits that can affect teeth grinding, such as a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.

If these causes disappear, the symptoms of teeth grinding may not disappear. therefore, a doctor's control is recommended for a permanent solution.

What are the Symptoms of Teeth Grinding?

Patients themselves often do not notice that they are grinding their teeth. This situation is usually noticed by people living with. These symptoms can occur in both sleep and wakefulness. The prominent symptoms are:

  • Sensitivity of teeth and wear on tooth enamel,
  • jaw clenching,
  • Grinding teeth so severe that it disturbs people nearby,
  • Headache that starts in the temples and spreads to the general,
  • jaw pain,
  • Loose or damaged teeth.

Teeth grinding treatment can be eliminated by the treatment methods applied by dentists as well as psychological treatments.

How Is External Squeaking Treated?

Protective night plaques are the most commonly used method in the treatment of teeth grinding. These protective plaques used during sleep prevent teeth from being damaged. In other words, it is not a method that completely treats teeth grinding.

Medication or physical therapy can also be used for treatment. If the teeth grinding problem is caused by various joint problems, various alternative treatment methods are applied, including botox.

In cases with advanced disorders, the method of eliminating the problem definitively is surgery. The whole process should be planned by specialist physicians in order to protect both jaw and bone structure and oral and dental health.

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