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The lack of tooth brushing habit, the foods consumed, old age and many other reasons cause the teeth to become stained and lose their whiteness. Although people make a personal effort to re-whiten their teeth, these efforts often fail. For this reason, teeth whitening procedures should be planned under the control of a physician and specifically for the patients.

Dişlerde Leke Oluşmasının Nedenleri Nelerdir?

Stain formation on teeth can be caused by the internal or external structure of the tooth, or it can develop due to reasons such as old age. Teeth staining is most commonly caused by:

  • Excessive use of fluoride or tetracycline-containing drugs in childhood,
  • Experiencing febrile diseases during the development and sitting period of the teeth,
  • antibiotics used during pregnancy
  • Fractures of teeth due to trauma,
  • Tooth decay or dental infections,
  • Tea, coffee, wine, cola, dark fruit juices and similar teeth-staining beverages.

Teeth whitening can be performed with different methods, depending on the extent of the staining on the teeth. Your doctor will decide on the method used.

Methods Used in Teeth Whitening Process

In the teeth whitening process, 3 different methods can be applied as home type, office type and single tooth whitening.

Depending on the extent of the staining on the teeth, only one of these methods can be used, or all of them can be used together.

The details of these methods are as follows:

  • Home Type Teeth Whitening: Home type teeth whitening is a method developed to be applied while the patient is asleep. The measurements taken from the teeth by the physician are sent to the laboratory, where a suitable plate is prepared for the patient's teeth. Before going to bed, the patient applies a tooth whitening gel to this plaque and sleeps like this. The needed whitening usually takes place within a few weeks.
  • Office Type Teeth Whitening: In this method, the application time is short and therefore it is ideal for people who work hard or who have little time. In office type teeth whitening, soft tissues are isolated by using a special substance and a tooth whitening gel is applied to the teeth. Immediately afterwards, the gel is activated by using a laser. With this method, 2 sessions applied with 1 week intervals are sufficient for teeth whitening, depending on the condition of the teeth.
  • Single Tooth Whitening: In this method, which is suitable for teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, the filling on the tooth is first removed. When the filling is removed, a tooth whitening gel is applied to the gap that appears and a temporary filling is made on it. This method, which can be repeated with an interval of 3 days, can be continued until the teeth reach the desired whiteness.

In order to preserve the whiteness of the teeth after teeth whitening, individuals should pay attention to oral and dental care. At this point, it is very important to follow the doctor's recommendations. Thus, the process does not need to be repeated in a short time.

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