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Loss of teeth or aesthetic problems can be eliminated with various veneer methods. Tooth veneer greatly helps to eliminate functional problems. Of course, in addition to eliminating functional problems, an aesthetic appearance is important. The most commonly used method for this is zirconium coatings.

What is Zirconium Dental Veneer?

Zirconium is a white alloy that is preferred over the gray metal supports used during bridge or prosthetic procedures. It has both a solid and natural appearance.

The reason why it is most preferred is that its appearance cannot be distinguished from the natural tooth.

There are two different methods in zirconium coating, which makes oral and dental functions much more useful, with or without metal support. Situations where zirconium coating may be required include:

  • The presence of significant separations between the teeth,
  • Inability to remove permanent color changes in the teeth with teeth whitening,
  • Repair of broken and rotten teeth,
  • Elimination of tooth loss,
  • Elimination of the bad appearance of the teeth due to gingival recession.

Since zirconium crown is a hard material like natural tooth structure, it can also be applied to molar teeth where chewing is performed.

How is Zirconium Coating Made?

Before the application of zirconium coating, which is the most frequently used coating method in recent years, the damage to the tooth is determined and the zirconium coating is decided by comparing it with the patient. The steps followed during the application are:

  • Under local anesthesia, the teeth on which the veneer will be applied are thinned so that the veneer does not look coarse and conforms to the mouth structure,
  • Mouth is cleaned and disinfected,
  • The measurement of the tooth/teeth to be applied is taken,
  • Temporary teeth can be applied until zirconium crowns are prepared,
  • It takes approximately 1 week for zirconium veneers to be ready,
  • Ready-made zirconium crowns are placed on the patient's teeth and made permanent.

A dental visit may be required to check the condition of the veneer within 7 to 10 days after the veneer procedure. If you take care of your oral and dental health, zirconium coating can be used for many years.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Coating?

Zirconium coating not only eliminates the function problems of the teeth, but also helps you to have an aesthetic appearance. The prominent advantages of zirconium coating application are as follows:

  • Dark color formation does not occur in the gums,
  • Indistinguishable from real teeth thanks to its light reflecting feature,
  • Provides a long-lasting use with the right care,
  • It helps in maintaining the health of the gums as the gums adapt,
  • There is no sensitivity to hot and cold,
  • Staining or yellowing of the teeth is at a minimum level,
  • It helps in preventing bad breath.

Zirconium coating can be used for a long time as a frequently used coating method today. However, it is important to go to a regular dental examination in order to control the condition of the coatings and to monitor the general oral and dental health.

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